Our Pets (or should I say pests)

I have always had pets and so has Sandy. So, when it was (suggested) that I put a page on for Sandy I figured I could do one for the pets too.


Pebbles is a Boxer/Pug mix


This is Pebbles. We got her at the swap meet one day when a guy was selling her as a puppy.





Lucy is a Chihuahua/pug mix



This little ankle biter is Lucy and we got her from the Humane Society.



Summer time for "M"

"M" wearing flip flops in summer




“M” was also from the Humane Society. She picked me! It just seems that cats know I like them… Check out the flip flops. This cat is no dummy!

the three kids at the door

If we all "push" I bet it will open





All three of them think they are sisters and just like to hang out together and watch the World go by.


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