About Me


If you haven’t guessed yet, my name is Bob Miller, and I was born in 1956 (yes that makes me 55 now). I grew up in Arizona and have lived there all my life. Although I was a career public servant for 30 years, I have also tried my hand at a few personal businesses. After the basic high school grad stuff I studied a number of things in college like business, and work related items. I never did obtained a degree in any one thing though.

Personal Characteristics:

I’m goal oriented, highly focused, community oriented, helpful, a generalist, and innovative.

I’m definitely a tenacious and somewhat stubborn person when I have a goal in mind. I also tend to think outside the “box” if a problem needs to be solved. This is where my “generalist” and “innovative” traits come into play the most.

If I had to pick one thing that was a “personal problem”, I would say that it is being honest and speaking my opinions openly.


Number one I would say was raising a family of three great kids. Two boys and one girl. All are of course grown now and out building their own lives.

My next one was being a police officer for 30 yrs. Man did I see, learn, and do a lot of things during my career. I worked the street, lake patrol, and detectives. About half way through my career I promoted to Sergeant (this is when I began going gray) and that’s what I retired as.


Computer stuff definitely comes first since I have been messing with them and the Net for over 20 years. I also like to fish and even caught a Marlin once. Other things I like to do are: travel, work with my hands, explore new things, and gamble.



Well, now you know a little about me.

Bottom line is, that I’m an average person just like everyone else. I’ve seen and had to adapt to a lot of changes in the world, and I expect to do more as time goes on.